Pre-order our second edition DVD, Montana Under The Big Sky


Welcome to the worldwide headquarters of RMEA (Rocky Mountain Entertainment Agency) Video Productions, based in Western Montana where we produce, distribute and sell our genuine Made in Montana DVD videos. Last summer (2013), we released our “Montana Under The Big Sky -1st Edition” featuring 340 images taken by a handful of professional photographers all over the State with a run time of 73 minutes. We chose high resolution, high quality images and put it together in a wide screen format with a full length studio recorded acoustic guitar album for easy listening enjoyment. Every image on our DVD is available for sale as print/artwork. Please visit our products page to checkout our gallery to choose what images you like.

Watching our DVD helps create a very relaxing time viewing Montana’s unspoiled scenic nature, wildlife and recreational opportunities at your own leisure, from the comfort of home. We are currently working on producing 3 more full length Made in Montana videos to be released  into 2014. As we continue making an entire series of unique Montana DVD’s, we plan to be able to offer digital downloads in the near future. 

Our videos are great for:
  • All ages
  • Out of area folks who are looking for a Montana gift or product that can be shipped inexpensively
  • Visitors wanting to bring a piece of Montana back home with them
  • Locals who want to discover and explore our state more
  • Seniors and other people who may not be able leave their home or healthcare facility
  • Personal use
  • Something to have on television that is relaxing and appealing to the eyes
  • Gifts
  • Retail stores
  • Waiting rooms
  • Hotel Lobbies
  • Fundraisers
  • And more..

Our videos and print sales help support local Montana businesses, photographers, musicians, organizations and more. 

Please contact us directly for bulk and wholesale discounts, custom orders, promotional use, or for any other reason. We're really friendly and we look forward to hearing from you.